• Embered Beets, served on the plate
  • Foxhollow Farms Lamb Sabzi

Meesh Meesh Mediterranean

About us

Levant cuisine is unique, pulling flavors and influences from the many cultures that spent time in the region throughout history. MeeshMeesh Mediterranean is a Levantine focused restaurant in the heart of Louisville’s Nulu District; encompassing flavors from Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and more. 

Operated and Owned by Chef Noam Bilitzer, MeeshMeesh is a space for community where everyone can break bread and gather over culinary driven cocktails, thoughtfully sourced wines, while the kitchen takes a localized approach to traditional flavors. We pride ourselves on our nutrient-dense, chef-driven dishes that are perfect for sharing and experiencing together.

The name MeeshMeesh means apricot in both Arabic and Hebrew. Its endearing sound reflects the warm and inviting nature of our restaurant. Israel native Chef Noam Bilitzer highlights the unique flavors and influences that he grew up with. The Levant region has a rich history, and the food has evolved over time with the blending of cultures that have all called the region home. At MeeshMeesh, we are proud to introduce the Louisville community to a piece of our soul and to share the authentic flavors from our hearts.